Author: sebastian


Wilde Leute

. english version His fingers ran slowly across the nose, cheekbones, lips, and chin. The expressive yet invariable lines promised both, protection and terror at once. Its magic…


wild man XXXX

wild man XXXX aprx. 27x16x16 cm painted wood


china plates

All: mixed media/ wooden plates, Ø 28/20 cm

"wild man XIV" painted wood aprx. 28*19*10cm

Wild Man XVI

painted wooden mask..


Wilder Mann IV

Wildman IV painted wood   aprx. 28*19*10 cm



“Tornado” ca. 16*15*5 cm   “Regenbogen” ca. 9*16*5 cm   “Unwetter” ca. 13*12*9 cm alle: Holz, farbig gefasst

Kapelle mit Schwan

Kapelle mit Schwan

Holz, farbig gefasst ca. 35*71*4 cm

resin, paint, wood, aprx. 120x126x63 cm

hail to the artist

Installation view & close-ups “Hail to the Artist” From a distance, chiseled geometric fragments neatly fit together to depict self-portraits and symbolic autobiographical scenes representing heroic actions of…

castle VIII 55x50 cm   flies, pins, textiles


Die Umwandlung unwerter Fliegen in hochwertige Kunstprodukte An einem Sommermorgen saß ein Schneiderlein am Fenster, war guter Dinge und nähte aus Leibeskräften. Dabei schmierte es sich ein Brot…

spaghetti eating siamskeletton in high grass   205x120 cm   felt


    Delighted we take a step closer. Art: carefree and radiant as it draws us in. Ah, linger on, thou art so fair! My obtrusiveness is of…

selfportrait as bedside rug


  selfportrait as bedside rug   240x150x35 cm   felt

selfportrait as fakir


selfportrait as fakir   30x165x40 cm   mixed media

the stamp collection


  The stamps shown here are an excerpt from the “stamp collection“. Referring to medieval miniatur & book paintings The well known mass product “postage stamp” is transformed…